February 10, 2014

Let the products sell themselves
fuck advertising, commercial psychology
psychological methods to sell should be destroyed

* A poem by klipschutz


“Active citizenship may be a drag, and interfere with
your real vocation as a Facebook addict, but what’s
the alternative? Unregulated corporations whose CEOs
bloviate about their libertarian principles even as they
buy up the news outlets and hire lobbyists to play
government like a pinball machine.”

Deconstructing Barry

Did the President draw a line,
and if so, in what hue?

Was the sand wet or dry?
Were there bikinis? (¡Más!)

Did oil slime the beach?
(Pancake batfish, D.O.A.)

Red? Again?
Think thin, think blue.

Or maybe he did no such thing,
preferring to share with us

a ‘teachable moment’
so we can draw one for ourselves

if that’s not too much to ask
(sounded good when JFK said it).

Health Care Reform & Other Sorrows

There are sexier topics,
like robots who that give blow jobs,

and big fun to be had
courtesy of digital devices:

Check out Sister Rosetta Tharpe.

Pizza. Ordered. Coming to my door.

There are better bills by far
that never could have passed,

unless you replace Congress,
voted in by clones of you

—but that could backfire
if they make you share one ballot,

so maybe best replace
the whole Supreme Court too.

(And now, Steve Van Zandt is disappointed.)
That can happen, once you’ve been married

with Little Richard officiating, Percy Sledge singing
“When A Man Loves A Woman” at the ceremony

and Bruce Springsteen as best man.
Naturally, Steve is hard to please.)

“I have seen the enemy and he is us.”
A cartoon character said that.

“Barack Obama is better than we deserve.”
I said that. (cf., Dylan, reaching back)

The Keystone XL Pipeline? A bad solution
to our clown-size carbon footprint.