December 31, 2013

remember all the people
who were heroes to ya
and remember all the people
you deceived

Christa Parravani, Kiss, 2003

Seen You Around
-- Hal Sirowitz

Each time I've come to this bar,
she said, I've seen you here.
You look like you come here often.
You must be having trouble finding
a steady girlfriend. I hope you
don't think I'm being critical.
I can't find a partner either.
I go to different bars, so it isn't as obvious.

At the Lions Head
-- David Markson

I scowl at the bar
And confront a midnight revelation:
In ten years
I have contributed thirty thousand, cash,
to the fiscal well-being
of this saloon.

If I still wake, mornings, to
Is there a refund?

-- New Year's Eve, by the cut ups.

Happy New Year!!


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