November 12, 2013

the story begins
i did not know who she was
the story ends
i did not know who she wsa

Alexandra Jacoby, Her, 1999

* Another Nice Breeze Show: Nice Breeze, with Dudes at Red Onion Records Saturday November 16, 2013. 5:15pm. FREE

* Henry Rollins Lou Reed tribute show podcast, from KCRW.

* You put money on a horse, it wins, and your winnings go on to the next horse in the next race, and so on. Your winnings accumulate. But do your losses? Not at the racetrack—there you just lose your original stake. But in life? Perhaps here different rules apply. You bet on a relationship, it fails; you go on to the next relationship, it fails too: and maybe what you lose is not two simple minus sums but the multiple of what you staked. That’s what it feels like, anyway. Life isn’t just addition and subtraction. There’s also the accumulation, the multiplication of loss, of failure. -- Julian Barnes


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