September 9, 2013

It has a nice ring when you laugh

Jean Dubuffet, Mêle Moments, 1976

Vanishing Point
-- Klipschutz

-Did the President draw a red line?

-So they say, why boy.

-In sand? Wet or dry? Were there babes?

-Hell yeah, wet as piss, ass for days.

-Any oil? From a spill? Why red
instead of, I don’t know, bright blue?

-You axe a lotta questions, Poindexter.

-Maybe it was red but not a line.

-Let me break it down: You a cop?

-No line of his will alter how I see.

-Charlie Brown, you no Picasso either.

Sad Advice
-- Robert Creeley

If it isn't fun, don't do it.
You'll have to do enough that isn't.

Such is life, like they say,
no one gets away without paying

and since you don't get to keep it
anyhow, who needs it.


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