July 29, 2013

dizzy dizzy people rush by me at the speed of thought

William Monk, Furthur!!, 2013

* From Harper's August 2013:

-- Average amount a Water Valley, Mississippi, hospital bills Medicare for treating pneumonia with no complications: $4,552

-- Average amount a Philadelphia hospital does: $79,007

-- Percentage change in the number of Walmart stores nationwide since 2008: +13

-- In the size of Walmart's workforce: 0

* Nice Breeze are playing our first show at CD Cellar in Arlington, VA (2607 Wilson Blvd.) Saturday August 3 2013 with Harness Flux and Kitchen Noise. 7pm

* Hoboken Sound: An Oral History of Maxwell's.

* “The way to erase is to go forward.” -- Renata Adler


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