July 7, 2013


This house is a home
and a home's where I belong
Where the feelings are warm
and the foundations are strong

Philip Guston, Alfie in Small Town, 1979

* From Harper's July 2013:

-- Number of U.S. states whose highest-paid public employee is a sports coach: 37

-- Number of female prison guards impregnated by a single Baltimore city Detention Center inmate in teh past year: 4

-- Number of U.S. retail jobs Doritos Locos tacos created in the past year, according to Taco Bell: 15,000

-- Number of retail jobs created worldwide by Apple in that same period: 400

* Iggy Pop gives a tour of downtown NYC, in 1993.

* "Poetry is the only art people haven't yet learned to consume like soup." -- W.H.Auden


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