June 13, 2013

Call Me, Call Me Any Anytime
Call Me

Chris Protopapas, telephone shop nyc, 1976

* Excerpt from Land of Hope and Dreams: Rock and Roll, and the Rebuilding the Middle Class:

The music industry is a microcosm of what is happening in the U.S. economy at large. We are increasingly becoming a “winner-take-all economy,” a phenomenon that the music industry has long experienced. Over recent decades, technological change, globalization and an erosion of the institutions and practices that support shared prosperity in the U.S. have put the middle class under increasing stress. The lucky and the talented – and it is often hard to tell the difference – have been doing better and better, while the vast majority has struggled to keep up.

* Solved: The Mystery of the Allen Ginsberg Diana Trilling fued.

* "Keep some sunshine on your face." -- Richard Pryor


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