May 10, 2013

time is the enemy time is the guide

iri5, Bob Dylan, cassette tape on canvas, 2009

Three Poems by Klipschutz:

Nostradamus Does Debbie Does Dallas
With A Layover In Las Vegas
Where He Tries His Slow Hand At Haiku

There will be cheerleaders.
with leg warmers up to here,

slot machines in every stall
where you won’t get toilet paper
if you don’t win.

- for Higgins

"Justin Bieber’s Monkey Quarantined in German"

The Welt is his oyster
The Welt is a ghetto
The Welt has too many borders

and we’re starting to forget Michael Jackson
but thanks to this homage he’s in our thoughts.

Another Thing

I can’t understand
is why my cat
uses Bob Dylan’s face
for a scratching post.


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Anonymous Paul Fericano said...

When it comes to making me laugh, klipschutz is fast approaching Ligian status. Good stuff.

Also, nice to see the previous comment posted as a cleverly disguised klipschutz poem...

2:04 AM  
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