March 15, 2013

what looks like sleep is really hot pursuit

Godfrey Frankel, LES Optometrist’s Shop, 1947

Sinatra, Sinatra
-- Paul Fericano

Sexual reference:
A protruding sinatra
is often laughed at by serious women.

Medical procedure:
A malignant sinatra
must be cut out by a skilled surgeon.

Violent persuasion:
A sawed-off sinatra
is a dangerous weapon at close range.

Congressional question:
Do you deny the charge of ever being
involved in organized sinatra?

Prepared statement:
Kiss my sinatra.
Blow it out your sinatra.

Financial question:
Will supply-side sinatra halt inflation?

Empty expression:
The sinatra stops here.
The sinatra is quicker than the eye.

Strategic question:
Do you think it’s possible to win
a limited nuclear sinatra?

Stupid assertion:
Eat sinatra.
Hail Mary full of sinatra.

Serious reflection:
Sinatra this, sinatra that.
Sinatra do, sinatra don’t.
Sinatra come, sinatra go.
There’s no sinatra like show sinatra.

Historical question:
Is the poet who wrote this poem
still alive?

Biblical fact:
Man does not live by sinatra alone.

4th Symphony Beethoven saying yes
-- Bernadette Mayer

Unmarked and unnoticed & important so alike
the words are the dust on my floor under the radiator
and the wine of the men who love men that I cherish.
I masturbate with you I hope and my love is greater
than yours.

I worship poems when I write them but the
next day I am horrible. Too badi I could be further.

O yes drunk.

Ludwig go after them.

Table For One
-- Marta Ferguson

Solitaire's good practice,
teaches you you never
know who hides the spade
to match your heart or where
the diamonds are buried.
Everything you need waits
in your hands, on the table,
you've just got to get to it,
in time, in time. That's why
it's also called Patience.


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