March 9, 2013

I think I could respect humming
if I couldn't hear it

Pierre Bismuth, Coming Soon, 2005

Still Another Signal
-- Gerard Malanga

Someone has written
on the wall of the
flat I've just moved into
nothing changes

Older Women
-- Jack Gilbert

Each farmer on the island conceals
his hive far up on the mountain,
knowing it will otherwise be plundered.
When they die, or can no longer make
the hand climb, the lost combs your
after year grow heavier with honey.
And the sweetness has more and more
acutely the taste of that wilderness.

-- Jack Gilbert

When I hear men boast about how passionate
they are, I think of the two cleaning ladies
at a second-story window watching a man
coming back from a party where there was
lots of free beer. He runs in and out
of the building looking for a toilet. "My Lord,"
the tall woman says, "that fellow down there
surely does love architecture."


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