January 14, 2013

everybody's trying to make us
another century of fakers

Chiharu Shiota, Memory of Books, 2011

* From Harper's February 2013:

-- Projected annual revenue Mexican drug cartels stand to lose from pot legalization in Colorado and Washington: $1,400,000,000

-- Date of the first combat death of a female U.S. service member in Iraq: 3/23/2003

-- Date on which the U.S. Army began testing body armor designed for women: 8/20/2012

-- Average price for an ounce of human breast milk at a U.S. hospital: $4

* Watch I am a Genius (and there's nothing I can do about it, a recent documentary on R. Stevie Moore.

* “I loathe writing with what amounts to a kind of phobia, and I suppose that it’s only a sort of perverse masochism that keeps me at it.” William Styron


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