August 9, 2012

I'm gonna be perfect from now on
I'm gonna be perfect starting now

Mary Ellen Mark, Central Park, 1967

Listening To Procol Harum With A Fatal Arrythmia In Stand By
-- Dennis Mahagin

To ghost fly

the red eye

under the weather,

as if to kick start

the afterlife
we'll all be


Or lie
down in turbulence,
and hope it gets


beach pail,

belly up
in a hail

of radio

static --

skip a light
fandango, turn

it's automatic


on a midnight flight

some misbegotten

broken up, aisle seat

17 - A,

token of the din

of the ear drum in
heartbeat, alabaster

faster, faster

no sleep comes

for days


or a walk on cold




between the toes

she said there is no reason

when a miller


of a dirge


heavens from key
of C, at first just


fugue classic
rock, B 3

Hammond, big chill

where the air's


t h i n n e r,

the air's getting

t h i n n e r . . .

stewardess hits

dimmer switch,
her nails pared


in shimmer,

nose cone

she stalls,

you can't


Sir ... are you sure
you're gonna be okay?


It's only the verse
got you

peaked ...

( and worst
on its way )

it's a shuffle

yet you keep it

need not
answer her



Blogger Allan Smithee said...

I don't have an active twitter account, hence the off-topic & unrelated comment...

re: af‏@dc

"i learned there's no imagination in the blues"

Found interesting comment when googling The Silver Jews– I'm Gonna Love the Hell Out of You (Lyrics) that you might also enjoy.

"General Comment:I don't quite know how to put it, but the song to me represents the two sides of love - at once feeling like you're being cuddled, and then feeling like being punched repeatedly. There seems to be a dual-meaning throughout the song whether this girl is the pious religious saviour who'll forget past errs to be with him, or on the other hand she could be quite a cold and blunt religioso who is turned on by such a sinful man. "Sentimental as a cat's grave" sums it up for me - it could be thought of as touching memorial, but really: what kind of a positive simile is a "cat's grave"? --Flagdaniel32on April 17, 2008"

11:12 AM  

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