May 23, 2012

Tonight I'm swimming to my favorite island

Yoichi Tamaki, untitled, 2002

Three poems by Klipschutz:

I’m so glad I don’t have a blog
or it would be full of useless shite like this:

I hate libertarians

they’re all hypocrites

who don’t even agree

with each other

Oh, I see, you don’t

want people to

interfere with you

Stop reading

nutrition labels

and expiration dates

or belly up and join the human race


[Stay tuned: Next I’ll eviscerate

scofflaws who don’t recycle]

Dictated But Not Read
By Nicanor Parra

“Infallibility is no joke.
Ask the Pope.

He doesn’t mess around.
Make that fuck.

We have this much in common
and that’s no bull:

Ideas I have in the shower
are never wrong.”

Probation, Probation, Probation

Rights! Karma! Faction!
Metaphysical Therapy!
E.U., E.U., will you demarry me?


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