April 3, 2012

Make the sacrifice
take it all the way

Jean-Michel Basquiat. Riding with Death, 1988
(from End Piece, a collection of the last artwork of great artists)

They Must Be Giants
-- by Dennis Mahagin

The aliens watched ancient archives of ESPN
Highlights under Bay bridge, the Catch of the Say Hey Kid.
They pointed ----> long gnarled sucker fingers, each of them
A - gasp all around, clocking ancient archival ESPN screen gem
Footage: Willie Mays, spun on a dime: his relay throw to oblivion.
ET 3, four, five and 6 babbling ancient urgent Alienese:“What he DID!”
These aliens, utterly transfixed by national pastime capsule via ESPN
Under the abandoned Bay bridge: the Catch … of the Say Hey Kid.

-- related: Wille Mays is Up At Bat, by Chuck Prophet (co-written with Klipschutz)

-- by Michael Ryan

Fragile, provisional, it comes unbidden
as evening: the children on the block
called in to dinner that for tonight
is plentiful, as if it had cost nothing
either in money or worry about money.

Then evening deepens and the street
turns silent. There may be disasters
idling in driveways, and countless distresses
sharpening, but all that matters
most that must be done is done.


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