March 26, 2012

it's a city full of animals, a city full of thieves
a city full of lovers trying to make believe

Carroll Dunham, Five Pieces, 1984

* From Harper's April 2012:

-- Estimated minimum net worth of Mitt Romney: $190,000,000

-- Estimated inflation-adjusted net worth of George Washington: $525,000,000

-- Age in years of the average car on the road in America: 10.8

-- Percentage of doctors who will make an obesity diagnosis if a patient's weight is equal to or greater than their own: 93

-- Percentage increase in the rate of alcohol abuse for every percent by which U.S. unemployment increases: 17

* 32 ways to open a beer

* "Art is action, but it does not cause action: rather, it prepares us for thought." -- Rukeyser


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