March 8, 2012

Every set of keys is an original
every silver lining is a curse
anyone who's ever turned their back on me
always ended up facing something worse

Lucy McLauchlan, Televisual Mundanes, 2011

* A friend made a record, and on a whim sent a copy to Julian Cope, who liked it and had this to say about it:

"Okay, this next record described should really best suit those rock’n’roll fans who require the jammy fingers of the artist all over their releases. And boy do the Rrreverberationsss permeate the very essence of their debut self-produced album MUSIC FOR PSYCHEDELIC PEOPLE, even the Dark Side Of Jackson Pollock-style hand splattered record sleeve itself clinging to my counter top and leaving skid marks across my iBook. Nice. Even better, the music contained herein is half-an-hour of truly exhilarating space-rock somewhat in that rented ranch style achieved by Simply Saucer. But as the Rrreverberationsss have no real drummer, they achieve their fabulous epic quality not through their unique riffery, but because the absence of any real rhythm section means no fucker’s backing up the cliché. Sweet. And it’s that which always keeps these gentlemen so fascinating and so very far from being a Rock Band. Check them out here, it’s a singularly delightful sound." Buy one now!!

* John Cage answers 19 questions on a variety of subjets using chance operations to determine the duration of his answers.

* “There are years that ask questions and years that answer." --Zora Neale Hurston


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