February 21, 2012

we stayed up all night taking truth serum

Joseph O. Holmes, Long Meadow #2. 2010

* From Harper's March 2012:

-- Cost of a 50-square-foot storage unit in the basement of the One57 building on West 57th Street in Manhattan: $200,000.

-- Median sale price of a single-family U.S. home sold last year: $166,000

-- Amount Miami's Miller School of Medicine pays female "professional patients" for each student pelvic or breast exam: $40

-- Amount it pays males for each genital or rectal exam: $30

-- Chance that an employed American works in the service industry: 6 in 7

-- Chance that a U.K. diaper-changing table carries trace amounts of cocaine, according to a 2011 Guardian Media study: 9 in 10

* We Jam Econo, The Minutemen story, is on YouTube.

* “The sight of books removes sorrow from the heart.” -- Moroccan proverb


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