February 12, 2012

i decided long ago
never to walk in anyone's shadow.
if i fail, if i succeed,
at least i live as i believe

Martin Klimas, Kraftwerk, “Transistor,” 2011

-- "Like a 3-D take on Jackson Pollock, the latest work by the artist Martin Klimas begins with splatters of paint in fuchsia, teal and lime green, positioned on a scrim over the diaphragm of a speaker. Then the volume is turned up. For each image, Klimas selects music — typically something dynamic and percussive, like Karlheinz Stockhausen, Miles Davis or Kraftwerk — and the vibration of the speaker sends the paint aloft in patterns that reveal themselves through the lens of his Hasselblad. Klimas rose to prominence in the art world four years ago for a series of photos that captured porcelain figurines just as they shattered." To see other pictures from the speaker series, click here.

* Brett Eason Ellis re: Whitney Houston's death: "Yes, somewhere tonight Patrick Bateman is weeping, shocked but not surprised, and ordering three hookers instead of two..."

* "Make voyages. Attempt them. That's all there is." -- Tennessee Williams


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