December 17, 2011

it's so very cold in the mansion after sunset

walter martinpaloma munoz, traveler 80 at night

Snow Drift
-- by Sarah Hannah

I only want to write about a space
Three-inches square, in the picket fence's
Stolid corner, the uncontested crevice
Boasting, suddenly, a jagged occurrence
Of snow, Alp-like, resting on the brief ledge
The wooden crossbeam makes: unlikely cliff,
However wedged, suggesting passage
Beyond lawn and property line, as if
Transgression could be intimately known
Through bold example in miniature,
On familiar ground, a trace of snow blown
On a fence, articulation of a dare:
To realize the route the mountain sees,
The fall to nether--valley, wild trees.

Shuffled Thoughts
-- by Nicanor Parra

I don't want to see myself
In blood-spattered mirrors.

I would rather sleep in the open
Than share
A marriage bed with a turtle.

The automobile is a wheelchair.

And the poor devil who looks at his mother
At the very moment of birth
Is marked forever
per secula seculorum.

-- by John Tranter

Another fuckwit drops into the dustbin
of history, just as we're finishing our coffee.
Some of us are meant to burn out, is that
right? Like roman candles, across the night sky.

I want to go up like a tree, not a rocket.
I'd like to get drunk disgracefully
with a favorite neice, and grow old
among an amplitude of footnotes.

Pour me another Pernod, Famous Poet, and
tell me again about the doomstruck literati,
those dropouts immortalized in ink -- your
thirst, your secret greed, your mausoleum.

* "All that we are not stares back at what we are." -- WH Auden


Blogger richardporter said...

I love everything about your blog.

9:19 PM  
Anonymous ruth n. said...

Haven't been keeping up with you over the last month, which means I haven't been to any website other than NYT and The Onion, because yours is the only blog I've read in the last 5-ish years, and did so almost every day... (I've nabbed a ton of the content over the years, thanks for all that) ...which coincides nearly to the day DCB announced he would finally tour. I went to the 40 Watt the first night, and met with him for the second time backstage after the show, introducing myself by my real name this time. He said, "I've heard of you," and Cassie took our photo. He may recall the first meeting, at his home in Nashville, though I tend to doubt it. I'm fully okay with the fact that I think of him often and he does not reciprocate. Either way raise a fucking glass with me on January 4th.

Lastly, losing Hitchens means that if DCB goes, I'm going with him.

"There is a place past the blues I never wanna see again."


ruth nesius
Seattle, Wash

11:29 AM  

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