November 17, 2011

I'm on your side
And we're always right
It's perfect
And worth it

Jim Pickerell, Downtown Washington, DC During Bus Strike, May 1974

* From Harper's December 2011:

-- Rank of non-denominational Christianity among the fastest-growning religions in America during the past two decades: 2

-- Rank of "none": 1

-- Date on which Walnut Ridge, Arkansas unveiled a sculpture commemorating the Beatles' 1964 visit there: 9/18/2001

-- Hours the Beatles spent in the town: 1

-- Portion of adults under thirty who think Hollywood is a threat to their values: 1/3

-- Minimum number of times Newt Gingrich has seen The Hangover: 7

* "To do a dull thing with style -- now that's what I call art." -- Charles Bukowski


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