August 22, 2011

so drunk in the August sun

Stephen Shore, West Palm Beach, 1973

* From Harper's September 2011:

-- Percentage of Americans who say their household couldn't come up with $2,000 in thirty days: 47

-- Years it will take lenders in New York State, working at their current rate, to foreclose on all houses currently in default: 61

-- Percentage of Americans who think pornography is "morally wrong" : 66

-- Percentage who believe in the death penalty: 28

-- Hours more media consumed each day by the average minority youth than by the average white youth: 4.5

* Sorta Uninspired: Malkmus covers Smogs' Cold Blooded Old Times.

* In DC? Tomorrow at Bella (9 & U) is the Plums record release party. With Obetrol.

* "Art keeps us honest about how badly we screwed up...or about the few times we get something right." -- Percival Everett


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