April 7, 2011

I didn't have the heart to tell him
I believed in dinosaurs not god

Laurel Nakadate, Stay the Same Never Change, 2008

* Greil Marcus on Captain Beefheart. excerpt:

In “Orange Claw Hammer,” from Trout Mask Replica, he’s a broken old sailor, Ahab himself as a bum in the alley, muttering about Painless Parker and cherry phosphates, seeing a woman on the street, or every woman: “God before me if I’m not crazy is my daughter.” He puts you on the street with him, watching the madman, wondering what you’d do, what you’d say, if you could say anything. Whose mind is fucked now? “Want to do a version of ‘Orange Claw Hammer,’ live in the studio?” a disc jockey asked Van Vliet one day in 1975. “Yeahhhhh,” he said in a drawl of pure pleasure, stepping right into the song like it was a movie sequence he’d just stepped out of; with Frank Zappa, his friend and nemesis since high school, playing guitar like an autoharp behind him, it felt like bourbon. It sounded like a tall tale, a rumor, a folk song.

* Silver Jews: Long Long Gone

* "Books are finite, sexual encounters are finite, but the desire to read and to fuck is infinite; it surpasses our own deaths, our fears, our hopes for peace." -- Roberto Bolaño


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