January 18, 2011

many times we've been out drinking
many times we've shared our thoughts
did you ever notice the kind of thoughts I got

Larry Brown, Hot Spots, 2008

* From the February 2011 edition of Harper's:

-- Factor by which Joe DiMaggio's 1950 salary exceeded the U.S. family mean income: 26

-- Factor by which Derek Jeter's 2010 salary did: 288

-- Fine in California for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and for jaywalking, respectively: $100, $108

-- Median income of U.S. men who are single, childless, in their twenties, and live in a city: $26,000

-- Of women: $28,000

* David Berman has a new blog, Mentholmountains.

* “Inspiration is for amateurs. I just get to work.” -- Chuck Close


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I, too, see a darkness.

Sherwood Anderson

1:16 PM  

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