January 4, 2011

the nights of my professional life

William de Kooning, Woman, 1950

* Video: Philip Roth on myths of ageing.

* Apparently, May 21, 2011 is going to be a big day, and not only because it's my birthday: It's rumored to be the The Second Coming.

* Life tells us all the time that it’s possible to like the people that you violently disapprove of. – Kingsley Amis


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Didn't realise your birthday was on the 21st of May. In Philly, the Family Hour Radio Station (Camden, NJ) is on the far right dial of FM. Their math regarding the 21st is based on human existence dating only 10,000 years.

On a funny, yet related note, just found out the bar keep at Murph's Bar "Ms. Beans" was born on the 22nd of May.

If there is a just God, there is no way He/She's not letting her and us celebrate another year of living.

Note: Your existence/presence in the world seems good also. I think we'll continue (as beings for a long time).


"Allan Smithee"

3:23 PM  

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