October 22, 2010

If you feel you're not good enough then you're probably not

Barry Nemett, Couple, 1971

Clarence Thomas
-- by Klipschutz


Remember the photograph of him
and his wife in People magazine
after his by-a-whisker confirmation,
in their living room of an evening
like any other, reading the Bible on the couch?

Eighteen years later, the Poster Dude
for Affirmative Action gave a speech
to tell us we are self-indulgent
and don’t make the sacrifices
our parents and grandparents did.

After the speech, in response to a question,
Mr. T. named Lincoln as his favorite POTUS,
but chose not to reveal his favorite color.

He must be doing something right—lifetime job security.
You won’t find that position on Craig’s List!


Yes, Virginia, this is not a dream, your life,
you are the wife of a Supreme Court Justice,
and are entitled to trumpet your beliefs,
call for an end to the “tyranny” of Obama,
along with your fellow Tea Party lunatics.

No one can stop you from leaving messages
for Anita Hill asking that she come clean
about your husband an eternity ago.
The pubic hair, the Coke, the high-tech lynching.
You go, Ginni Thomas, sing your song.

-March 16, 2009/October 19, 2010

- Article re: Anita Hill’s character and veracity

* New Chain and the Gang song, Not Good Enough, check it out!


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