June 21, 2010

Well, you’re drunk in the alley, baby
With your clothes all torn
And your late night friends
Leave you in the cold, grey dawn

Christopher French, Heat Index, 2009

* From Harper's July 2010:

-- Percentage of Afghan police units that the U.S. military believes are capable of operating without assistance: 12

-- Chance that a new Afghan police recruit knows how to read: 1 in 10

-- Percentage change since 2007 in the number of alleged sexual assaults committed by U.S. service members: +18

-- Chances that a young Egyptian woman thinks a man should be allowed to beat his wife for speaking to another man: 2 in 3

-- Number of U.S. states in which it is legal for first cousins to marry: 19

-- Percentage of English soccer fans in North America who would fast for a week to see their country win the World Cup: 93

-- Percentage of Italians there who would: 1

* Podcast: A close listen to the post-evangelical songs of Bob Dylan.

* "The misfortune of ethics: because it knows everything better, it learns nothing." -- Elias Canetti


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