June 1, 2010

and you come to me like a summer breeze

Arthur Dove, Sun, 1943

* Reminder, psychedelic drugs are not for everyone.

* RIP Dennis Hopper -- "Hopper was a wonderful photographer, a collector, and an early supporter of Andy Warhol; he was the first person ever to buy one of Warhol’s soup can paintings, when all 32 paintings were put on sale at the Ferus Gallery in 1962." [via the Dean & Britta email list]

* The Caribbean play the Black Cat this Thursday night June 3 @9pm. 8 bucks. Opening will be Baltimore's Small Sur, a terrific band from Baltimore. Jon Meyers of the vinyl district will DJ before and between sets.

* “The truth, of course, is that a billion falsehoods told a billion times by a billion people are still false.” -- Travis Walton


Blogger emily said...

i thought the post title was from Countess From Hong Kong but I think she just moves like a summer rain...

4:31 PM  

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