May 4, 2010

I still keep a suitcase in Berlin

Daniel Richter, Blue, 1995

* Nuggets from a conversation with Ian McCulloch:

- Steven Gerrard is the best footballer ever. As good as Pele.

- Bo-no. I hate that [expletive] [expletive]. When I started saying Bo-no it's because that's how it looked like it was written. You say pho-no. You don't say fawn-o.

- All that matters to me is that I know I've [expletive] got the greatest voice on the [expletive] planet.

- "The Killing Moon" is the greatest song of all time. It's about everything. I knew when I wrote it, that it was the greatest [expletive] song of all time.

- Shakespeare's even better than Bob Dylan and "The Killing Moon." Luckily he couldn't sing.

- Bob Dylan - don't you think he's written too many songs? Leonard Cohen didn't write too many songs. If Dylan made 20 albums of all of the best stuff, he'd still have another 20 albums of the best stuff.

[Question: Have you ever met [Dylan]?] He's never met me. Have you ever met him? He's never met you. Do you want to meet him? Do you want to meet him in Liverpool? Because I'm the King of Liverpool. And he'll say, "Oh, I love 'The Killing Moon.'" And I'll say, "Well, it's the greatest song ever written." And he'll say, "Well, what about 'Love Minus Zero'?" "Yeah, what about it?"

- [America has] the worst sports. Baseball, [expletive] basketball. I can't understand basketball. The basket's too high! But at least it involves a ball. Even talking about baseball puts me to sleep. It's like cricket for [suckers].

* It was 40 years ago today.

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* "I mean, art for art's sake is ridiculous. Art is for the sake of one's needs." -- Carl Andre


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