April 28, 2010

got on the bus half-drunk again
the driver glared at me

Dana Ellyn, Group-Think and the Informed Skeptic, 2006

Vegan-In-Training Slurps
Ice-Cold Alpha-Byte Soup

-- by Dennis Mahagin

Abattoirs butcher

Dumpster ...;


God? He inters
Jonah, knowingly :

Lozenge Man.
Nantucket Offal.

Porcupines' quillz? Really
sting ...



Veg-eatables. Wok.

X-post-facto ... Yo,


Take This on Authority
-- by Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda

When the last cloud leaves
nothing behind—no
history, no trace of error, no
basilica to shelter a man—
a hymn, as lonely as any,
will rise out of canyons
and at great heights
sing to every particle, to
every hint of light along the way.
In a temple, in another
universe, listeners will
bow down chanting.

Kora for March 5th
-- by Lewis Mcadams Jr.

Williams died two years ago yesterday
snow expected
in the low 30s

Ive got to drive the lady home to
take her pills

"crutches for us all"
he sd when the world is

sub terra flower
and the Spring song, Persephone
and me
in wet fear
walking to the parking lot
gray lines of
soaked cars.


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