February 23, 2010

Alone in my room
I feel such a warmth for the community
But out on the streets
I feel like a robot by the river
Looking for a drink

Jiha Moon, Painter’s Argument, 2009

* From Harper's March 2010:

-- Chance that a name currently on the U.S. terrorism watch list also appears on the "no-fly" list: 1 in 117

-- Number of U.S. university president who currently earn more that $1 million per year: 24

-- Number who did in 2002: 0

-- Chance in the average number of minutes an American man spends watching TV each day when he becomes unemployed: +74

-- Change in the average number of minutes of child care he performs: -3

-- Percentage of American men aged 18 to 29 who believe that standing up during sex is an effective form of contraception: 18

-- Average number of words consumed each day by a U.S. adult during his or her leisure time: 105,000

* Mary Roach: Ten things you didn't know about orgasm, a TED talk.

* "Cheese crumbs spread in front of copulating rats will distract the female but not the male." -- Alfred Kinsey


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whenever I get dressed up, I feel like an ex-con, too. Always trying to make good.

Snow blowing sideways,

Sherwood Anderson

12:51 PM  

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