December 28, 2009

Remember all the people that were heroes to ya
And remember all the people you deceived

Cara Ober, 2009

Ober's solo show "Glittering Generalities" opens January 7, 2010 (reception that evening, from 6pm - 8:30 pm) at the newly opened Randall Scott Gallery in Brooklyn (111 Front Street). If you are nearby be sure to check it out.

* Excellent April 2009 interview of Will Oldham. excerpt:

LA Weekly: I wonder whether in 2050 there will be people digging in old hard drives to find the undiscovered Jandek of 2009.

Will Oldham: Yeah, hard drives. They're a complicated thing. They will be complex things to excavate in the future. And maybe on a strong level they will strengthen small communities. But in a bad way they will diversify people extremely if people start to excavate hard drives and create more and more diverse interests. Wow. That's a lot of separation.

Have you heard about that woman whose recordings have come to surface in the recent year or two? She may be French, may be German, but sings in English, but whose recordings were supposedly discovered. Sylvia Bayer -- something Bayer. (ed: Sibylle Baier) Some friends in Kentucky have been playing it for me, and then I was staying with a friend and there was an Artforum and all these artists had their Best of lists. There's a story behind it, like a Darger type story behind it. This was discovered post-mortem in someone's attic and they were recordings made 30 years before. And upon hearing them, my first thought was of J.T. Leroy - immediately upon listening to it you think that's a made up story.
LA Weekly: So then I started thinking, okay, if mosquitoes are making music for a certain reason, then we are, too, and is that reason just as basic and primal.

Will Oldham: You can diversify it a little. You can say some people's job is to fuck and reproduce, and some people's job is to do other things to support the reproducers, or to support the times prior to reproduction and post reproduction, and that's what makes for the complex society, that's not just beating her on the head and dragging her by the hair. And that's why there could be a crazy-great song that is so insanely emotional and has nothing to do with courtship whatsoever. It's relating to some other survival instinct, and making survival better, stronger and more complex. But then it must be related to that stuff. I think about those things, say, in watching the last election. Like, okay, where does a speech like that, and or where does the appointment of the Secretary of Agriculture fit into choices based on sexuality and survival of the species. That's insanely complex - and that's very good.

* A Poem By Klipschutz:

Eyes In the Back of My Head
(And on Either Side) (More to Come)

“Are you still peeing in the tub?”
my wife asked, at 12:25 p.m.
on Christmas Day. “No,” I shot back,
resolute. “Okay,” she said. Okay?

-Yesterday, at Christmas Eve Mass,
Pope Benedict XVI was knocked down
by a woman in “red jacket and dark trousers.”
(She sacked a cardinal even older than Ratzinger too.)

-Before that, dude broke Berlusconi’s nose and teeth
at a rally. (He’s in custody – now we might see
how “connected” the randy P.M. is.)

-Obama sustained a mere breach of security
from two main-chance wannabes.

It just hasn’t stopped, ever since
the Iraqi newsman threw footwear
at GWB’s empty CPU at a briefing.

And then there’s container ships, jammed
with containers containing. . .Stop!

Friends, intelligent ones, of mine think
the government’s “in on it” (name it).

Apparently, no one is safe.

Don’t turn your back or close your eyes,
test yes, think no, or eat simple carbs!

I swear I didn’t, but what if I did?
And who’s to say that she’s not one of them.

--- Happy New Year!


Blogger B.more.Art said...

Thanks, Andy!!!

3:26 PM  
Anonymous klipschutz said...

Hey, Andy, my wife says she's going to retaliate by doing a painting of me micturating in the tub - and now your comment box isn't recognizing micturating as a word...

See what happens when guys as old as me learn how to use a comment box.

1:08 PM  
Blogger Joie said...

funny, good poem!
love all the bad craziness....
happening everywhere,
indeed. even pee.

9:28 PM  

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