October 27, 2009

i like to stay home
and play guitar
and play it back

Arthur Trees, Masked Children 110th Street, New York, 1969

* From Harper's November 2009:

-- Last year in which the unemployment rate in what is now Silicon Valley was as high as today: 1949

-- Percentage of fish sampled from 291 U.S. streams for a recent study that were found to be contaminated with mercury: 100

-- Percentage change during the past year in U.S. sales of Wild Turkey specialty bourbons: 88

-- Number of Indian headdresses that could be made from the feathers of all U.S. turkeys eaten at Thanksgiving: 43,212,000

-- Estimate length of human nose removed by U.S. plastic surgeons each year, in feet: 5,469

-- Factor by which this exceeds the length of George Washington's nose on Mount Rushmore: 260

* Ha!

* "I don't care much about music. What I like is sounds." -- Dizzy Gillespie



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