August 12, 2009

Don't worry I'm not made of glass
But baby you could have shown some class

Cara Ober, Seagulls, 2008

* From Harper's August 2009:

-- Chance that a U.S. home purchase in the first quarter of this year was of a foreclosed or short-sale property: 1 in 2

-- Percentage change between winter 2008 and winter 2009 in the amount of delinquent U.S. credit-card debt: +63

-- Percentage change in the number of credit-card offers Americans have received: -67

-- Estimated weekly revenue from heroin sales that two Pennsylvania senior citizens were making before their April arrest: $10,000

-- Estimated percentage of all existing blogs that have not been updated in four months: 94

-- Chances that a Twitter user accesses the service only while at work: 2 in 3

* Who knew: superstar DIY musician R. Stevie Moore has a sister who was Miss Tennessee in 1977, and who currently is part of a Las Vegas Lounge duo. The question is: Why did she drop an 'O' from her last name?

-- if you are unfamiliar with R. Stevie Moore, check him out immediately. A good starting point would be his 1977 album "The North." Additionally, there are lots of videos on utube.

* "I had no idea...of how it would feel. The heartbreak, I mean. The shattering of trust, the brutal sense of loss and sudden awareness of my heart's true vulnerability, like a tree branch snapping off in an ice storm. I had no idea about that." -- Margaret Sartor from her story in Love is a Four Letter Word (the stories by D.E. Rasso, Jami Attenbergand Maud Newton are worth seeking out and reading in the bookstore if purchasing the book is out of the question).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hackmuth, g'bless. wishing you the best + hoping you continue the truth. - k

11:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

also beautiful picture - k

11:34 PM  

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