June 30, 2009

upper or downers
either way blood flows

Emily Greene Liddle, Hooked, 2008

* Interview of Joel Gion, tambourine man for Brian Jonestown Massacre, longtime Ameoba employee, and now front man for The Dilettantes. excerpt:

Q: What song do you wish that you wrote every time you hear it?

JG: "My Little Green Bag" by The George Baker Selection. The absolute coolest cruisin' down the sidewalk with the headphones on tune ever. Then it stops and goes into this pizzaria jig and you're like, this is nutty cool!

Q: Aside from Dig, what is your favorite musician/band documentary?

JG: I just can't aside when it comes to Dig!

Q: What have you been listening to lately?

JG: The Eva soundtrack by Michel LeGrand and Elevator To The Gallows by Miles Davis. Frenchy cool 60's soundtrack jazz, baby.

Q: I know you are quite the cinema buff. What's your favorite movie from the 70s? From the 60s?

JG: That is really hard, but it's probably either Good, the Bad and The Ugly or Once Upon A Time In the West. Or maybe Duck, You Sucker or For A Few Dollars More. It's hard to say.

Q: Is there an older movie that has finally come out on DVD that you would recommend?

JG: The Delirious Fictions of William Klein Criterion Box set. It's from their Eclipse Series, so that means you get 3 films for 40 bucks on Criterion -- that's cool, baby. William Klein was an American in France during the 60's/70's who made some incredibly great lefty stick-it-to-the-man gone high art comedy flicks.

Q: What has been your best find at Amoeba?

JG: My girlfriend.

Q: Adorable answer. What are your tour plans for the summer?

JG: The Brian Jonestown Massacre 4-week festival tour all over Europe, with 2 weeks in Australia/New Zealand. Plus David Letterman if we don't scare em too much at the pre-show rehearsals!

* Some excellent photos from the Glastonbury Festival.

* "You can pretend to be serious; you can't pretend to be witty." -- Sacha Guitry


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