May 20, 2009

television truth is lies debated

Heidi Fowler, Billboard

Corrigenda in Two Stanzas
-- by Steve McCaffery

And yet I built this house as my pioneer theme
along the perforation of my very own toilet roll.
For perforation read wipe of shit.
The shit of for shit
read this
an Amazon for Amazon
read Emerson.

Credo, after E.P.
-- by Jim Harrison

Go, my songs
to the young and insolent,
speak the love of final things --
do not betray me
as a dancer, drunk,
is dumb to his clumsiness

Dawn Whiskey
-- by Jim Harrison

Mind follow the nose
this honey of whiskey
I smell through the throat of the bottle.

I hear a wren in the maple
and ten million crickets,
leaf rustle
behind the wren and crickets,
farther back a faint dog bark.

And the glass is cool,
a sweet cedar post that flames so briskly.
Sight bear this honey
through the shell curved around the brain,
your small soft globes
pouring in new light --
remember things that burn with gold
as this whiskey to my tongue.


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