April 28, 2009

jokes are for the living
the dead know everything

Stephen Lapthisophon, Clocks, 2003

* dday at Digby's place:

"I view the impeachment of Jay Bybee from the 9th Circuit Court as a moral and legal imperative, but also an entryway into the larger fight for justice and accountability for those who authorized and directed torture in our name. I agree with Jerrold Nadler that impeachment should not be seen as a compromise measure, a way to satiate those concerned with accountability. 'There can't be a compromise -- you have to follow the law ... If the facts say that some former high-ranking official should be prosecuted, the fact people will get angry should be irrelevant ... If we do not investigate the torture that is clear that it occured, and if the evidence is there prosecute, not only are we disobeying the law, not only are we being immoral, but we are inviting torture of our people in the future.'

"Bybee's impeachment can start us down the path to restoring the rule of law. And now the largest state Democratic Party in the country has spoken. They have said that the myth about torture being a useful tool to extract actionable intelligence from terror suspects is not only irrelevant when it comes to lawbreaking but also entirely false, according to the CIA's own inspector general. They have said that Judge Bybee's appalling judgment and slavish acceptance of John Yoo's flawed legal reasoning represents a greater evil - the evil of thoughtlessness - and a greater responsibility for the actions committed thanks to his off-handed signature. They have said that Bybee's understanding of his own wrongdoing outweighed by his desire to be a federal judge shocks the conscience, and that far from being rewarded for his obedience to his conservative minders, he should bear responsibility for it, to the fullest extent possible."

* The ten most common titles of submissions received by the Virginia Quarterly Review over the past two years.

* In DC? The Foreign Press perform with Plums and 200 Mexicans at Big Bear cafe (1st & R, NW). Friday May 1, 2009. 8pm. Free. BYOB.

* " When the politicians complain that TV turns the proceedings into a circus, it should be made clear that the circus was already there, and that TV has merely demonstrated that not all the performers are well trained." -- Edward R. Murrow


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi-- curiuos about you using the image of the clocks...does not bother me, just curious-- how did you come across it?> cheers, Stephen lapthsiophon

10:03 AM  
Blogger hackmuth said...

Honestly, i don't remember. i often browse gallery sites, which may be where i found it. I thought it was pretty cool so i grabbed it.

4:37 PM  

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