March 2, 2009

Listen, the snow is falling

Tim Hall, The Lesson

* Some advice for museums that suck. excerpt:

"My point is if your museum had the Venus de Milo, your museum wouldn’t suck. A priori. And you’d never have to stand up and tell the room your name, the museum you work for, and a little bit about your background before joining in a provocative group exchange session about how to stay relevant by leveraging Flickr.

"But you don’t have the Venus de Milo. So… what do you have instead?

"It’s a fair question. Nay, it’s the question. The Louvre has Venus. What do you have instead? If you can answer that question confidently and concisely without a lot of stimulating-the-following-target-audiences mission statement hooey–and your answer isn’t on SecondLife, then you may be one the few museums that doesn’t suck.

"You’re a museum, right? You’re not an outreach summercamp. You’re not an Imax theatre lobby. You’re not a social networking iPhone app. Be a museum. And try harder not to suck at it.

"You want a real lesson the museum industry can learn from successful web 2.0 initiatives? Be really good at what you’re interested in and other people who are also interested in that will get excited and involved. Be really good at what you’re interested in and other people who aren’t also interested in that… will do something else. Let them." (via)

* Klimbalan posts The Repair Manifesto.

* Listen to Leonard Cohen, live from the Beacon Theater.

* "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." -- Philo of Alexandria


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