February 17, 2009

we hide inside a tree
and wear a beard of bees

“'Hungry Bird' the sixth full-length recording by indie rockers Clem Snide will finally see the light of day on February 24th courtesy of 429 Records. Completed in the spring of 2006 it was produced by Clem Snide founder Eef Barzelay and recorded and mixed by Mark Nevers (Lambchop, Silver Jews). Throughout 2006, a series of painful and bitter breakups both within the band and with their longtime manager and booking agent occurred and the future of Clem Snide seemed uncertain at best. With the release of 'Hungry Bird,' Barzelay is hoping to put an end to any and all rumors he may have started regarding the death of Clem Snide. In fact, come the spring of 2009, Eef and Clem Snide will valiantly attempt to bring these songs and other fan favorites to clubs and theatres all over Europe and the United States."

* From Harper's March 2009:

-- Percentage of Americans who think their lives server "an important purpose": 94

-- Number of months since record keeping began in 1947 that U.S. consumer prices declined as steeply as in November 20078: 0

-- Last year in which total world trade shrank, before it did so in 2008: 1982

-- Total number of guns that five of the six candidates for RNC chairman bragged about owning during their January debate: 22

-- Number of times Caroline Kennedy said "you know" during a 45-minute interview with the New York TImes: 138

-- Number of different occupations Barbie has held during her 50 year run: 108

-- Days after going on sale that tickets to July's National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention sold out: 2

-- Number of exotic marine animals that a new Dubai hotel keeps in its 3 million gallons of decorative tanks: 65,000

-- Pounds of "restaurant quality" seafood the animals are fed each day: 485

* Japan's finance minister shows up to G7 talks drunk, resigns. video.

* This Is Why You're Fat.

* "Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before." -- Mae West


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