December 12, 2008

and they're coming to the chorus now

Dust Congress and Luddite Kingdom Press



The Prize: A free postpaid (continental U.S.) copy of ALL ROADS. . .But This One, LKP’s first release – a $37.00 value. The handcrafted book, in a limited edition of 150 (plus 26 deluxe copies, each with a unique collage, signed by the authors – sorry, sold out!) is “116 pages printed on French Paper from Michigan!. . .Is it one book, four sections? four books, one cover? even we can’t decide!” (Follow link for more details.)

Rules: Email answers to the questions below to by the deadline of midnight, December 22, 2008. Entries with all correct answers will be put in an actual hat and a winner drawn and announced on December 23.

-- dust congress note: if you love books, this should be in your collection


1. In Chronicles, Bob Dylan recounts his meeting with which of the following poets?

a) Archibald MacLeish
b) Walter Savage Landor
c) Ogden Nash

2. The song “Chelsea Hotel” describes Leonard Cohen’s secret affair with which of the following vocal stylists?

a) "Mama" Cass Elliot
b) Janis Joplin
c) Barbra Streisand

3. Based on number of poems appearing on this site, which of the following is a Dust Congress fave?

a) Walter Savage Landor
b) Jewel
c) Frank Stanford

A POEM FROM EACH OF THE POETS IN ALL ROADS – (due to space constraints, these are shorties…)

Poem For Malcom Lowry
-- by Jon Cone

Señor, another mescal.
My thirst is cruel,
This coffin endless.

The Quality of Mercy
-- by Claudia Grinnell

hours late,

bring the usual
gifts: rocks,

cleverly hiding
the anemic sun

and thistles.
A candle

twitches, smoke
rises. Don't tell me

the same wounded
are still asking

for the same
glass of water.

Goo Question
-- by klipschutz

Dim mist. Cable car. Dim sum.
A little goo in everyone.

Will I be angry in an hour?

Chinatown Forever!
-- by Albert Sgambati

Open the window in Chinatown—
the weather is hysterical.
Traffic jams all over the radio.
Oh fish! Water towers!
Like I’ve been on hold forever.
Is the car alarm inside my head?


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