November 11, 2008

would you stand
a little closer to the horses

The Cut Ups second release, Jusserand, is available now from Dust Congress Records, Amazon and iTunes. Send an email to for a cd version, or head over to Amazon or iTunes for a downloadable version.

Two songs from Jusserand:

-- beautiful dead to be

-- new year's eve

(other songs at the cut ups myspace page, link on the sidebar)

bonus: Live version of going to brussels, recorded at solly's november 8, 2008 by youtuber bbqn1.

* Mark Hosler of Negativland, from a recent interview:

"It’s a great irony that if you follow the history of the compact disc, the compact disc did not become popular because that’s what the public was clamoring for. That’s a lie. The compact disc became popular because the industry wanted it to be, they forced it upon people. What actually happened was that the big record distributors would sell vinyl to record stores and you always had a return policy so if you didn’t sell your records you could return them to the record distributor. And that allowed record stores to try out things, right, to carry a larger back catalogue of stuff. Well somewhere in ’89-’90, somewhere in there, maybe ’88-’89, the record labels all simultaneously, almost as if they all planned it, they all announced that they would no longer accept returns on vinyl but they would accept returns on CD. So, if you’re a record store, what choice do you have? You can’t afford to take that financial risk. And so, really, with that change in the return policy, that really forced CDs into the market place. But what I think is incredibly, fantastically, delicious and hilariously ironic is that what the record labels' greed inadvertently created their own undoing. Because what they were doing was giving all of us digital master copies of all of their records. It’s like, 'Oops.'"

* "If you develop an ear for sounds that are musical it is like developing an ego. You begin to refuse sounds that are not musical and that way cut yourself off from a good deal of experience." -- John Cage


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