October 29, 2008

Sometimes you fear
Sometimes you bleed
Sometimes you live
Sometimes you need

Record release show for the cut ups!, flyer by P.J. Brownlee

-- by Klipschutz

The market looks honor bright for Future futures.
Past futures may be all dressed up from Saks

and Neiman-Marcus, you betcha, but still the Past
is over, dead as a wolf shot from on high, doncha know?

So buy into the Future IPO, one share, one vote,
and see your country’s value rise and shine.

-October 29, 2008

The Wisdom of the Fathers (a fount poem)
-- by Klipschutz

His first agent advised him
that if he wanted to get published,
he would have to "get rid of
that Indian stuff."

(source: obituary of Tony Hillerman)

-- by Klipschutz

Before Joe there were others. John McCain is old enough to remember. So am I, goddammit.

Meet G. Gordon Liddy and E. Howard Hunt the Plumbers – back then, tradesmen, like professors, were more formal; not only did they not go by their Christian names, they had panache: an opening initial! These two worked together cleaning up a psychiatrist’s office (one of his patients was leaking), then went on to a big job, using a crew, when during an emergency in May 1972 they were told to enter, keys or no, a rented space on the sixth floor at 2600 Virginia Ave., part of the sprawling Watergate complex a stone’s throw from the White House.

Joe What’s His Name may be John’s handyman, but G. Gordon will always be our First Plumber.

Gross Misinterpretation Of The Real Thing
-- by Sarah Bartlett

I was pushing
my cart through
the checkout line
when a tall girl
in cowboy boots
She looked famous
so I said:
Great show
last night.
She smiled,
and I held out
my receipt.
She asked me
how to spell
and signed her
name across
my dry goods.

-- back after Obama is elected.

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