August 19, 2008

if i had thought about it
I never would've done it

Ellen Auerbach, Sulphur Bath, 1949

* From Harper's September 2008:

-- Number of deaths in Florida last year caused by illegal drugs: 946

-- Number caused by prescription drugs: 2,002

-- Rank of this year's economic crisis among the "largest financial shocks since the Great Depression," according to the IMF: 1

-- Percentage of Britons and Canadians, respectively, who say the United States is a "force for evil": 35, 34

-- Estimated annual sales-tax revenue that California receives each year from medical-marijuana sales: $100,000,000

* Twofer Tuesday Bob Dylan:

-- I'm in the mood for you

-- on a night like this

* "There's no money in poetry, but then there's no poetry in money, either." --
Robert Graves


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