August 11, 2008

Artistic Freedom. Do what you want.
But just make sure that the money ain't gone

Richard Prince, Untitled (Girlfriend), 1993

* Top ten conservative idiots. excerpt:

George W. Bush

Did you know that Our Great Leader has spent at least two of the last eight years on vacation? According to the Austin American-Statesman:
President Bush's days in office are numbered. And the days he has already spent there have also been carefully numbered by a veteran reporter, yielding an early, raw-data glance at a presidency sure to be analyzed for decades to come.


Some are curious: Bush has been to 75 countries (Mexico, Russia and Italy lead with six visits each) and 49 states (no Vermont visit so far).

Some are eyebrow-raising: Bush has spent well over a year at his Crawford, Texas ranch, well over a year at Camp David, and has attended 95 sports-related events.
* Web in Front takes a look back at Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska.

* Rich people's NYC rooftops, a Flikr set.

* "Advertising is the modern substitute for argument; its function is to make the worse appear the better." -- George Santayana


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