July 10, 2008

in the end a boy raises himself

Claude Lazar, L'échapée belle, 2006

* Estelle Chardac asks Dean Wareham 10 questions for Magic magazine:

E: Which music makes you want to believe in God?

D: When Marlene Dietrich sings "Der Trommelman" - but still I don’t want to believe in God.

E: Your latest crush?

D: Britta Phillips. But she has a crush on Barack Obama.

E: Which criticism do you accept?

D: That my hair (and sometimes my demeanor) suggest that I have just gotten out of bed. One guy said I sing like Kermit the Frog, which I do not agree with.

E: What would you never give up, even under torture?

D: Weekends spent with my son.

E: Who would you offer your best song to?

D: Richard Hawley — he has that tremendous voice that makes any song better. Having said that, perhaps it would be better if Mariah Carey did the song, as she is back on top of the charts, and as writer you get paid 7.5 cents for every copy sold.

E: When was the last time you lost your temper?

D: This morning (for a second) - someone cut me off as I was driving across Tenth Street in Manhattan, and I yelled at him.

E: Any addiction to declare?

D: Ice cream, cigarettes. Other things I only do once in a while, so I must not be addicted to those.

E: Which compliment gets you big-headed?

D: I have been told that I don’t take compliments well, so I would say that no compliment gets me big headed. Big-headedness must come from within.

E: What was the worst thing you ever did to achieve your goals?

D: Play an acoustic set at the corporate offices of HITS magazine, a trade magazine for the radio industry, sometimes referred to as SHIT magazine.

E: Who would you kill for his talent?

D: Nina Simone.

* U.S. Government patents medical marijuana.

* "Bureaucracy defends the status quo long past the time when the quo has lost its status." -- Laurence J. Peter


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