May 23, 2008

I'm staying here because of my friends
I'm staying here because of the beer
Because of my friends and the beer
I am staying here

Krista Steinke, the rabbit was in the field, eating all the grass, 2006

Three poems by Frank Stanford:


The moon wanders through my barn
Like a widow heading for the county seat

It's not dark here yet
I'm just waiting for the bow hunters
So I can run them off

They put out licks on my land
Every summer

When it gets cool the animals are tame

I've fallen asleep
In the trees before

I dreamed someone's horse
Had wandered out on the football field
To graze
And I was showing children through a museum

The bow hunters make their boys
Pull the deer's tongue out bare-handed

At dusk when I hear an arrow
Coming through my field like a bird
I wonder what men have learned
From feathers

The animals wade the creek
And eat blackberries
The wind blows through the trees
Like a woman on a raft

Death In The Cool Evening

I move
Like the deer in the forest
I see you before you
See me
We are like the moist rose
Which opens alone
When I'm dreaming
I linger by the pool of many seasons
Suddenly it is night
Time passes like the shadows
That were not
There when you lifted your head
Dreams leave their hind tracks
Something red and warm to go by
So it is the hunters of this world
Close in.


Is a word
That must be
Like a sword
That has worn out
The scabbard


Blogger Tor Hershman said...

The Glory = Beer Truck
Freedom = Drunk
the war do go on

Stay on groovin' safari,

6:38 PM  

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