April 8, 2008

in the perfect water
she never felt so free

Frank Lavelle, Budapest Swimmer

* DCB chimes in at the Joos message board (excerpt):

let me turn to some jooish shoes:

1. Tom Sugden at the Corduroy Suit webpage. He informs me that he would like to hand the reins over to someone in the world. Anyone? I'm not sure what to do about this. Perhaps there is a young web archivist out there whose destiny is to see this and contact him.

2. I'd like to thank Robbie Clark of Lexington, KY for assuming command of the myspace page.

3. There is an Arizona Record t-shirt coming out soon that's designed to replace sound with stitching.

4. Cassie's solo album...is something.

5. That's what I'm talking about when i'm talking about google purity.

6. Imagine speaking in pure "no results". past-future tense

7. I have a list of things to do just like you. Mine says "call mom" and "mow yard", too.

8. I am so psyched to have the Monotonix open for us in England and Germany.
This seems to prove that we are not a real rock band. A real rock band would never
arrange to follow the Monotonix..

9.I placed a glass building on a hill in Tennessee.

10. I hope you are springing to life on april 7th 2008-

11. eleven is the wierdest number.

* Video of Mike Wallace's January 4, 1958 interview of Jean Seberg from the collection at the University of Texas' Harry Ransom Center.

* Excellent read: Brad Pitt Whipped Me Into Shape, by Mikel Jollett, of The Airborne Toxic Event.

* "A lie hides the truth. A story tries to find it." -- Paula Fox


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