April 9, 2008

Cut out the struggle and strife
It's such a complicated life

Howard Hodgkin, Hello, 2008

Four Poems by Klipschutz:

The Odds

Randomness is full of patterns - Keith Devlin (The Math Guy)

Hillary can’t win
Obama can’t win
McCain can’t win

Richardson couldn’t win
Edwards couldn’t win or lose
Dodd couldn’t even show

Kucinich couldn’t win
Huckabee couldn’t win
Brownback – there’s low and then there’s low

[We don’t traffic in malarkey
8 to 5 2 out of 3 divided by
Either you can win or you can’t]

Romney couldn’t win
Brownback tried to sneak back in
Gore won but acted like he lost

Nader can’t win
Gravel can’t win
Schwarzenegger can’t even run

Even Duncan Hunter
couldn’t tell himself
from Duncan Hines

Hubert Humphrey’s dead
The O’Donnell/Trump ticket polled okay
till she suctioned off then swallowed his toupee

Guilliani can’t dance
Bloomberg won’t commit
George Clooney has to put that Fabio thing behind him first before...

P.Diddy can’t win
Vanilla Ice melted years ago
Mary K. Blige won a Grammy, that’s a start

Is Robert Downey, Jr. out of jail these days?
He can’t win
but he might know who could

The Tax Cut Chain Store Massacre

He may not be right but he’s in charge,
working, and not for food. Is anybody right?
Everybody thinks they are (right),
only not everybody is (in charge).

A man should use his elbows, serve his flag,
grow spherical, and though she came out wrong
stand beside his daughter and her “friend.”

He doesn’t have to be right, only think he is,
and be in charge, not nice, while staying alive.

He doesn’t have to be a Bee Gee, or roll with 50, just alive.

Upon Reading that the Project for the New American Century's
Ten-Point Plan is Now Available in Chinese

Those frail and ancient leaders
of the People’s Republic,

how they wither ornamentally,
how like the moon they wane,

before our senators
can recognize their names.

In Defense of Plagiarism

Without it there would be no
"My Sweet Lord."


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