April 30, 2008

Clean your baby womb, trash that baby boom
Elvis in the ground, there'll ain't no beer tonight
Income tax deduction, what a hell of a function

Nathan Abels, A Boundary, Not a Thing, 2008

Black Night
-- by George Young

Right now
a penguin stands in Antarctica,
its head drooping in the black night,
an egg between its legs—

and a Mayan God, tipped
on its side,
stares with blank eyes
at a pool in the forest covered with leaves—

and you
sit in an airport,
flight delayed, clutching your bag, far, far
from those you love.

The Gravity of Demise
-- by George Young

can be swift
as a phone book sliding off
the table and crashing to the floor

or slow
as a brown, curled leaf
drifting down
to land in a still pond—

(that leaf shaped like a man,

don’t call that number anymore).

The Dinner
-- by Chuck Augello

We are both vegetarians
but that never stops us
from eating each other's heart.

Hers is served in a light vodka creme sauce,
mine arrives without garnish.
We have dined on each other so many times,
it is a quick and joyless meal.

Where once we tenderized and basted
we now eat it raw,
with little conversation,
not even a "pass the salt."

We reach across the table in silence
grabbing whatever we need
as if the other has already gone.

I am tired of this bloody meal,
but I keep eating as long as she does.

The day we said, "I do,"
we never dreamt we'd be such carnivores.


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