October 26, 2007

when you dance I can really love

Laurel Hausler, The Pilings, 2007

we live our lives only
-- by Bernadette Mayer

In the castle a knight capped
the jongelling jungaleer
the fool scapped
helmet helmet vase
in a painting with fruit against a wall
Yumpke holding your pants
Piss where Mohammed speaks
We sat next to the other silently
deciding what to wear
then fucked in a hurry
and rode our fullness home
stiff with yellow brandy
and licking the empty cups

-- by Bernadette Mayer

Richard the man downstairs complained
with wine settling in my stomach lightly
And I said Richard you are so unhappy
And Ludwig who hears me go after him
And they met flying in eventual & unaccustomed
And so I love you both.

the pumpkins in the streets
are turned in time because
of the people who stay out

I love your high fear voice peak of voice
blues singer full of beer
I love your sound
like a million people

4th Symphony Beethoven saying yes
-- by Bernadette Mayer

Unmarked and unnoticed & important so alike
the words are the dust on my floor under the radiator
and the wine of the men who love men that I cherish.
I masturbate with you I hope and my love is greater
than yours.

I worship poems when I write them but the
next day I am horrible. Too badi I could be further.

O yes drunk.

Ludwig go after them.


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