October 10, 2007

A hundred thousand years ago before legends were ever told
Homo Sapien stood erect, mind empty and mind fresh. Created Love and Hate. Created God and Anti-God. Human slaughtered human slaughtered human slaughtered human. First with stone, then with metal, now with heat. It was all for power

Marlene Dumas, Faceless, 1993

A klipschutz poem:

coming of age in the 24-hour news cycle


Hardwired for
Speed & Fun

Our Little Miss
First Family Intern

Is in L.A.
For the summer

Trying to keep a low profile
At work & meet someone

Babyfat, Sizzle & Sand
Watch her sneak out, flooring it!

Click: Underneath The Sign
Hi Gran: Melrose & Vine

Snapshot: On The Beach!
The Improv! Sunset! Los Feliz!

(Didja think she’d bake and play Risk
Over Fourth of July?)

-See her chatting up a
Counting Crow in shorts

-Sucking household-name face
Because she can

-Making mincemeat of those
Secret Service hunks!

Which way The Alamo?
O hills! O decks!

Waterbed ahoy!
O abs! O pecs!


Fast forward five quick calendars
(A lot of dad’s wack sayings

& blood spilled Here & There)
Dateline: Buenos Aires

-Running naked with her twin
They’re 25 and drunk as dad is dumb


Fast forward again—that’s enough!
She’s engaged! The lucky fellow

Used to work for Karl Rove
& he’s getting his MBA

She’s on tour promoting her book
Ana’s Story: A Journey of Hope

About a teenage mother with HIV
(Why didn’t I think of that?)

Go Jenna! Go Jenna Go!

-- Merk Muir

People who read too much
always have bad breath,

and the French, of course,
are no exception. This is why

I choose to read Sartre et Camus
in a scuba suit. The atmosphere's

so calm down here. To see clearly,
you need only spit in your mask.

Table For One
-- Marta Ferguson

Solitaire's good practice,
teaches you you never
know who hides the spade
to match your heart or where
the diamonds are buried.
Everything you need waits
in your hands, on the table,
you've just got to get to it,
in time, in time. That's why
it's also called Patience.


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